Solar Power Future

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Solar Power Future

The future is bright for solar energy usage (no pun intended).  As many more of us move the direction of a clean energy environment, we see the importance of keeping our air clean and taking advantage of the Sun.  With many new technologies in the solar electricity industry, moving to solar power has never been more appealing.  

Roofing shingles are being produced that will capture the sun's rays and convert them into usable electricity.

Siding is being produced that will enable a homeowner, that may be conscious about solar panels mounted to the roof of in his/her yard, to use the walls of his/her house as one big solar panel.

Solar cells are dropping in price and with the advent of screen printed solar cells, the prices will continue to fall.

Many more homes built today take advantage of the solar energy that is released from the sun.  Many newer houses take advantage of heat grabbing sun lights and skylights.  Many homes have an abundant amount of windows on the side of the house that has exposure to the sun.  This keeps heating bills to a minimum in the winter months.

For pool owners, a solar heater is much cheaper to own and operate than an electric of gas fired water heater and will save a ton of money of the course of it's life!

Many more distributors are offering solar products to the public, thus making the market more competitive. 

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