Solar Power Products

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Solar power products

Solar Power Products

Many solar power products are available to the consumer.  From solar panels, collectors, and solar efficient windows and skylights. 

Solar cells have been on the market for years.  Which started out at over $300 a watt can now be had for around $2-$3 per watt.  Different solar cells are available, and in different sizes and wattage ratings.  If you are handy, build your own solar panel, you will save quite a bit of money.  Determine what kind of output you need and find a matching solar cell.  If you are not handy, a wide variety of pre-built solar panels are available to you.  Solar panel kits are even available!

Solar collectors have also been around for many years, and actually longer than solar cells.  The warming properties of the sun can be harnessed to provide your house with hot water, or warm your pool to extend the swimming season.  If you are interested in a pool heating system, contact your local swim center, or check out our links page.  

If you are in the market for a new home, take note if the builder has taken advantage of the available solar energy that can be used to heat the house in the winter months.  Does the home have skylights?  Does the home have an abundance of windows that have sun exposure?  Finding a home that is solar friendly will definitely save you in the pocketbook during the winter.

This page is meant to be a primer for everyone new to solar power.  In the coming months we may feature specific products, but initially I wanted to touch on some basics.  Your help is always appreciated.  If you have information, stories, or photos of solar products, we will be happy to post them.

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